Pricing Calculator

SettleMint pricing is simple: you only pay for what you use.

Pick the services you need for your project, and configure them to your needs. SettleMint follows a metered pay-as-you-go model, and charges you only based on the services you use, and the resources (memory, vCPU, and disk space) you need to keep these services up and running. You can add as many of each service as you want.

Blockchain network

Set up a permissioned network or join a public network.

Blockchain node

Add as many nodes as you need for your use case.


Add a load balancer to distribute load between your nodes.

Smart contracts

Use smart contract sets to add business logic to your application. IDE and configurable templates included.


Add storage to securely store and share your files and data, centralized or decentralized.

Private keys

Create private keys to keep your funds and smart contracts secure.

Integration tools

Connect your blockchain application to existing applications. Easily connect on chain & off chain.


Get instant access to the data stored in your smart contracts and connect these to your applications.


Use a blockchain explorer to view and inspect transactions, and connect insightful dashboards to your blockchain application.

Total cost